The Power of Self Esteem The Power of Self Esteem
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The Power of Self Esteem


Your opinion of yourself is very valuable to your existence. Unfortunately, what we think about ourselves doesn’t always match who and what we truly are. Would you like to learn how to overcome your inner critic so you can be your very best self?


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Well-developed self-esteem is highly desirable. Some people misunderstand what self-esteem is, or mishandle its results.

 A healthy self-esteem is essential to experiencing the joy we should all experience. There are many contributors to our self-esteem, as well as internal and external aspects that diminish it.

 This book explains how self-esteem develops, and how it can be negatively affected by actions of others and/or our own inappropriate thinking.

 Most importantly, it outlines proven methods of boosting self-esteem. The benefits cannot be overstated, just ask anyone who has taken the steps to do!