Get Organized And Start Living
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Get Organized And Start Living


Do you ever feel hemmed in by all the ‘stuff’ you own? Do you spend more time searching for what you need than using them if you do find them? Do you find it easier to go to the store to buy another, even though you know you have two or more?


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There is no doubt we live in a much busier world than our ancestors did. Modern life certainly has its benefits, but it is also common to long for simpler times.

We all have the same twenty-four hours a day to get things done. Some people seem to breeze through life, always in control and not a hair out of place. Others, though, are seemingly always run ragged, always late, feeling as though their lives are in turmoil and they are always playing catch-up.

A change of mindset is needed – you are not locked into being a disorganized person. Being disorganized is less a trait than a collection of bad habits, all of which can be changed.