Wisdom from the Wounded Healer

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Wisdom from the Wounded Healer


Have you ever wondered if each of us has an identifiable “Life Purpose”? Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author JohnEgreek has been asking that question since he was nine years old. Wisdom from the Wounded Healer establishes his sole purpose in life.


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Shifu Gagan Sarkaria, during a life-map reading says, “John, you realize you have lived this horrible life, filled with hate, anger, guilt, fear and sorrow with a father who has hated you since the very first day you were born and still hates you today, is for a higher reason, don’t you?” Two weeks after her words, Astrologer Cindy Roggeman tells him, “Your natal chart reveals that you were born in the House of Chiron, home of the Wounded Healer.”

Soon after healing 31 wounded children buried deep within his psyche, he awakes one morning with a message from the Divine. The message he hears is well understood. He is told that he is to write a series of books related to the Wounded Child. He's so taken back by this, so he decides to trademark the series as The Mortal Wounds Series®, a culmination of books presented to him from the Divine to be written as the healing stories of the Wounded Child.

Most of the world would raise doubt that this is a calling, but Author JohnEgreek has put the Law of Action to work. Wisdom from the Wounded Healer is Book One is the introduction to The Mortal Wounds Series®..

As a Wounded Healer the author takes on the cherished, yet divine role to bring these stories to life. With guidance from the Divine, it is his intention that Readers and Wounded Children around the globe will come to recognize, that they too have or have had a Wounded Child hidden deep within their psyche

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