Grandma's Secret Blessings, A memoir with a Twist

Biography & Autobiography

Grandma's Secret Blessings, A memoir with a Twist


Take a ride with Author JohnEgreek as he travels the world and along the way he finds his Soul.


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“Grandma’s Secret Blessings”A Memoir with a TwistBy JohnEGreek Take a ride with JohnEgreek as he journeys to the Old Country in fulfillment of a childhood promise made to his grandparents, the Patriarch and Matriarch of his family. His travels take him to a former communist country, once run by a dictator who in 1967 declares their Motherland, Atheist. His grandmother, insightful and deeply spiritual guides him throughout his lifetime as he himself opens to the reality of something higher than himself.What happens along the way is a surreal journey and a deeply rooted experience? Travel with him and his pseudo family, as they discover the avenue to his soul and the recipe to Grandma’s Secret Blessings, bestowed upon him while she is alive and long after she is gone. Hidden in a document revealed to him sometime after his trip to the Old Country, he finds the key that unlocks the door to the hidden ability to “transcend and go beyond.” The journey of life is at times is a rocky road, sometimes endured by such things as relationship issues, health issues, monetary issues, and his case, a father who hates him from the very first day he is born and a son who walks out of his life with no explanation from either of them, as to why? There are hidden elements behind the experience that he calls, “Life.” This book is for anyone who is teetering on the edge of disbelief that there is something higher than their greatest expectations as to why things happen to them. “Beware of the Temptation to view yourself, unfairly treated,” a key element to a life of the “Poor me syndrome.” Do you have a wounded child within you?

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