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Watch And Pray


This is one of those books you never saw coming. It contains more than you think in an attempt to get you to think more.


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This is a book about prayer.  But much more than prayer.  It does not teach us how to pray.  It only teaches us why we should pray.   In so doing, the book reveals why the average 'prayer meeting' will not be enough to take us through the end time.

The book shows why the average human religious traditional prayer meeting may not be sufficient to ensure "that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man" (Luke 21:36).

The book shows that all of our praying will be deficient if our watching is defective.  You cannot just pray.  You have to Watch and Pray.

This book is also a sort of “How To Manual".  It teaches us how to interpret the social, geo-political, religious and psychological landscape in which we live.  It teaches us how to identify, avoid and overcome the secret psychodrama influences of certain propaganda giants. 

The Bible warns that many will perish for lack of knowledge.   This book shows why.

In fact, as the book unfolds, we will realize how desperately we need to pray and petition Almighty God for his deliverance, protection and salvation in these closing days of Planet Earth's history.  

We will appreciate why, in all our getting, we should get not only wisdom but understanding of the times in which we live.  This book will impart an Issachar mindset (1Chr 12:32).

This is a book about Big Papa.  It contains information on religious affairs.  But not the kind that you may expect.  It is actually an expose of the hidden agenda of a certain major world religion coordinatied by certain secret organizations.  It reveals how a certain global superpower is under secret pontifical control. 

It reveals, amid the howls and denials, that Freemasonry is indeed one of the contemporary templates for the currently existing One World Religion. 

This is also a book about Big Dollar (International Finance) and it reveals how the Money Power  is secretly working to bring all nations under their control through the vehicle of global economic collapse.

It is a book about Big Pharma and how it maneuvering to turn us into a Global Community of pill-popping zombies on behalf of certain anonymous organizations.   After you have read this book, they will be anonymous no more.

It is a book that reveals that the end game of Big Pharma is nothing less than global population reduction by the billions.  Read the book to discover the names of powerful figures who are working to this end.

It is a book about Big Data and how a state of total information awareness is being put into place for every human being and what we should watch for.  

It is also a book about Big Brother and the current global surveillance mechanism that is already in place, even in your own homes as we speak.   This global surveillance will facilitate the rise of the Global Police State that already exists in embryonic form.

It is a book about Big Media and how the Elite are using Social Media to create a working profile of every human being.   Such data-mining giants as Google and Facebook are quietly collecting and categorizing your private and secret information for when the time comes. 

It also shows how the Networks feed us Illuminati disinformation and how they, together with the Music Industry are being used to activate hidden hypnotic triggers that affect us on an  individual and collective level on a daily basis.

It is a book about Big Geo exposing the hidden global geo-political intrigue that proves why you are in danger of being destroyed for not knowing of either the plans or existence of the World Revolutionary Movement

Like we said, it is a book that encourages us to Watch & Pray

(Please note:  Because this is a digital product, we ask that you carefully consider before  purchasing this ebook, as there are no refunds.  Thank you for understanding).