Émely's Indonesian "Rijsttafel"
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Émely's Indonesian "Rijsttafel"


My favourite dishes from the Indonesian cuisine that not only form a great Indonesian "Rijsttafel" when combined, but above all are amazingly easy and adventurous daily meals.


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Every Dutchman knows what sate, nasi goreng, sambal and atjar is and eats Indonesian regularly in his life, even at home.

So do we! And that combined with our general love for spices, herbs and making challenging taste combinations has finally led to this cookbook.Included we have our favourite Indonesian dishes, but also some in which we season our regular European vegetables with Indonesian marinades, boemboes and other spices.

This allows you to use our recipes both as a variation on your regular daily meal, or combine multiple dishes served with boiled white rice, atjar, sambal and other side dishes into a real Indonesian ‘Rijsttafel’ (rice table). 

And because it is so important to us that the daily meal is adventurous and varied, we teach you in this book not only to cook the recipes included in the book, but first and foremost we share our knowledge about the making of spice mixes and marinades. This way you can also experiment with other ingredients outside the framework of the included recipes. As a guideline you will find various tips and tricks, but let your imagination run wild.

We wish you a lot of eating pleasure and encourage you to combine free and adventurous by using your own imagination. 

Slamat mayan / Eet smakelijk / Enjoy your meal.

Émely & Charlotte