JOP - Does not lie in bed all day.

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JOP - Does not lie in bed all day.


This ebook takes the reader on a delightful journey with the lone adventurer Jop, and with his Toyota car, he travels through South Africa from one place to the next to experience different places in South Africa.


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This e-book, "Jop - Does not lie in bed all day", is the second e-book written by Chris Opperman.

Jop is a lone adventurer who decided to tour the South African country in search of action and adventure. With his faithful old Toyota car, he embarks on a long journey and visits various interesting places along the way. Of course, things don't always go smoothly, and at times he has to use his fists or make a strategic retreat to avoid unnecessary trouble. And naturally, he has an eye for beautiful women and they can't resist him at all. But Jop doesn't complain about that.

Feel free to read the collection of short stories about JOP and his escapades as he explores the country. Some of the events are based on true stories and experiences by the author himself. This e-book is therefore a delightful read, best enjoyed with a steaming cup of coffee and some rusks.

  • Pieter Haasbroek
    15 Aug 2023

    At the age of 81, Chris Opperman has decided to release his second collection of short stories e-book. It revolves around the lone adventurer Jop, who tours the South African country in search of action, romance, and adventure. The writer's easy reading style makes the book a pleasure to read, and familiar places in South Africa are also mentioned. Some of the incidents in the stories were personally experienced by the writer in his younger days. This second book by Chris Opperman is highly recommended.

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