Your Business Planning Workbook
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Your Business Planning Workbook


A step-by-step approach to business planning which includes developing your strategic plan, operational plan and work plan. The workbook provides detailed examples and templates in simple and straight forward language




Your Business Planning Workbook outlines in detail how to develop a strategic plan, an operational plan and a work plan. It explains that a strategic plan is your big picture direction and clarifies the difference between vision, mission, values, goals, key results and initiatives. The Operational plan follows the strategic plan and provides a more detailed road map providing SMART objectives, and the Work Plan points to a twelve-point process to map out an action plan.

There are no guarantees that once you develop a business plan that you will achieve your ends. What it does do is give you a map to follow and when you experience blocks along the way, it allows you to take a detour until you can regain the direction. This is no different than when you are on a road trip to New York and you come across construction along the highway that forces you to take a detour. You don’t stop going to New York, you take the detour then return to the highway that takes you to New York.

A basic tenant of planning documents is that they are ‘living documents’ and all of us must adjust to the challenges and opportunities we face as we work toward our vision.