Career Shift - You Just Lost Your Job - Now What?
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Career Shift - You Just Lost Your Job - Now What?


Career Shift is a short story of job loss and recovery. This e-book describes the emotions as a result of losing one's job and what to do to prepare for another job.


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The emotional trauma that people experience from job loss is often similar to losing a close relative or friend through death. The roller coaster ride from shock, denial, depression, acceptance and renewal is real. These emotions not only affect the individuals who lost their job but also their family, friends and former colleagues. We all react differently from stress but those who experience job loss often have high levels of anxiety and fear.  Career Shift - You Just Lost Your Job - Now What? follows  a character named Joe as he deals with his emotions and prepares for future gainful employment.

  • Chapter One describes Joe's first reactions from shock to hope.
  • Chapter Two outlines what Joe did to get back on his feet
  • Chapter Three follows Joe as he writes his new resume, reinforces his contacts and begins his search
  • Chapter Four outlines Joe’s preparation for an interview and what he did after.
  • Chapter Five describes how Joe reacted to his new place of employment
  • Chapter Six provides 12 strategies for coping with stress during job loss.

The book ends with 11 Actions one can take to overcoming job loss.