SORTING OUT AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE: Your Roadmap to Wellness Naturally SORTING OUT AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE: Your Roadmap to Wellness Naturally
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SORTING OUT AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE: Your Roadmap to Wellness Naturally


SORTING OUT AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE offers a unique perspective for the awareness and treatment of autoimmune disorders.


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Presented is a specific direction to follow for retracing your health history, enabling you to discover an 'exciting’ cause.

Once you have discovered this ‘key element’ you are equipped to find the triggers to the original cause, or causes. Sorting information in this manner empowers you to make the choices necessary to recover optimal health.

Autoimmune Disease, unfortunately, has become a catch-all for a number of ‘modern’ symptoms unknown to previous generations. Science tells us there has to be an ‘exciting cause’ for the natural functioning of the body to change. There are no mistakes, there are only interferences with normal functions.

Included in these pages is a roadmap specific to finding your triggers and how to work to eliminate them.

Healing means changing the environment that supports the aberrant condition. When the body gets ‘cleaned-up’ it means your body chemistry can rebalance. When this occurs, your energy level is restored. When your energy level is restored, you can recover.

•Discover where and how to begin
•How to sort symptoms
•What causes ‘autoimmune’ symptoms
•What are ‘autoimmune’ triggers
•Why diet is important
•Practitioner protocols
•Resources for remedies and treatments

As you continue you will gain a better understanding of how to remove the labels that have been placed on you, how to sort out your symptoms and how to begin to fix what your doctors say is unfixable.

“Only you can heal you. It can be liberating to transition from a system of medical management to self-directed health and wellness.”
-The Author

  • Dale Cummings
    14 Sep 2020

    This book helped me to unravel my health situation and figure out how to begin to live a healthy life.

  • Trish Stevens
    14 Sep 2020

    Had no idea I could uproot my chronic fatigue that was causing my health complications. Easy to follow and even easier to understand I can be in control of my health.