When VIRUS Strikes: Be Prepared! When VIRUS Strikes: Be Prepared!
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When VIRUS Strikes: Be Prepared!


If you’d like to be proactive in not only helping to protect your immune system against viral assault, as well as how to be prepared to go into action if it strikes, read this book!


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Are you waiting for the medical community to come up with a patented pharmaceutical treatment or CDC mandated vaccine to treat the latest viral epidemic?

Are you curious why other countries have fared so much better than the US, who supposedly has the finest medical system in the world?

 Would you like to have some insight into the truth about how previous pandemics came to an end?

 If you’d like to be proactive in not only helping to protect your immune system against viral assault, as well as how to be prepared to go into action as soon as it strikes, read this book!

 In this book are many solutions from medical doctors from around the world who have found treatments and protocols to help to mitigate the ravages of viruses currently plaguing the planet.

 There are remedies sitting on the shelf in your local health food store and others easily accessed online that can come to your rescue. (The medical community will not tell you this.)

 Learn about the tried and true medicines you’ll never hear about on the nightly news…medicines with no known side- effects that have existed for centuries and cost less than a cup of coffee.

The media and politics alike are frozen in dogma, big pharma money, and keeping you in the dark. Take control of your destiny, step into your power, and take control of your health, NOW!

  • Annie Challis
    14 Sep 2020

    In this book, Elena Upton addresses not only this CORONA virus but explains previous viruses which gave me much more of an understanding of the pandemic we are dealing with now. Elena gives us precautions to take with natural remedies and homeopathy to help to boost the immune system. She also suggests remedies if you happen to become ill specific to each symptom. If you do happen to get the virus she suggests remedies to help to mitigate. I feel much less helpless about the virus ravaging the world knowing I have much more control in following the protective protocols. You must keep WHEN VIRUS STRIKES on hand, it has everything you need to know.

  • Alan Cox
    14 Sep 2020

    Have known this practitioner and author for years. She has helped me unravel many health issues. So glad this new book is out to help everyone.

  • Haley Addison
    14 Sep 2020

    I have this author's other book, THE ALTERNATIVE, Your Family's Guide To Wellness. It is an A-Z reference manual for all types of First-Aid conditions. So glad she has come out with this stand-alone easy-to-follow eBook so we can now reference remedies for specific viral symptoms.

  • Jody E.
    14 Sep 2020

    I have worked with Elena for years, as has family members. Always pleasantly surprised with the results. So happy to have this great little manual to have suggestions for keeping up my immune system, as well as what to take as soon as any symptoms pop up...thanks E!

  • A.Adams
    14 Sep 2020

    Great little book! Had no idea homeopathy was successfully used in past epidemics. When I lived in France it was so easy to buy remedies, not as much in the US. I order online now or when I go into a health food store.

  • Eddie Marshall
    14 Sep 2020

    Everyone should have this info at this time!

  • Judy Elison
    14 Sep 2020

    Dealing with post-viral symptoms. Trying some of the remedies that fit my symptoms. So glad there are options available through this book.

  • Mary Riccardi
    14 Sep 2020

    My first look at holistic options...surprised to read this type of medicine is used so frequently world wide. Maybe that is why America is trailing other countries?

  • Helen S.
    14 Sep 2020

    So much confusing information about the pandemic of today. Difficult to know who to listen to. This book is the first thing I have read that makes sense! from explaining virus to learning how to support the immune system, to what one can actually do if stricken. It is a terrific read!

  • Cristine simmons
    15 Sep 2020

    I had been concerned about catching the virus...purchased this eBook and followed up on getting the suggested remedies. Was so glad to have them on hand when I started to get sick. Had chills and fatigue, immediately took the recommended remedies, and BAM! the next morning it was gone! I highly recommend it.

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