THE ALTERNATIVE FOR BEATING CANCER: Top Researched Therapies From Around the World THE ALTERNATIVE FOR BEATING CANCER: Top Researched Therapies From Around the World
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THE ALTERNATIVE FOR BEATING CANCER: Top Researched Therapies From Around the World


An Easy To Follow Guide For Preventing & Surviving Cancer; Including Nutrition, Supplements & Little Known Successful Treatments


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You have to be sick to get cancer. This may sound crazy but think about it. Why would a perfectly healthy person start to grow tumors? We all have cancer cells floating around in our bodies, but we also have an immune system on guard 24/7 destroying them.

When does the body stop fighting and allow rogue cancer cells to proliferate? When we are sick, too sick for the immune system to continue the fight. Chapter I begins by explaining more specifically the difference between normal cells and cancer cells and dives into the causes of breakdown. I’m sure you’ve already guessed that our industrialized lifestyle plays a large role.

Having said that, there is much you can do to prevent this tragedy in your life and much you can do to clean it up if this has already occurred. There is mainstream information and then there is everything else. This book is the everything else.

All cancer patients can heal and I can prove it to you. Have you ever experienced a cancer patient whose surgical incision did not heal or a cut or bruise that did not mend? Of course not! If their incisions can heal and bruises and swelling subside, then their immune system is still fighting, still functioning to save you in all the ways it knows how.

Imagine what the immune system can do with the correct nutrients, the correct remedies, the correct treatments…heal itself!

THE ALTERNATIVE FOR BEATING CANCER takes you on a journey to:

•Discover what cancer is, and why we get it?
•The role of detoxification
•The possible hazards of dental procedures
•How to create a healthy environment
•The importance of Diet
•Little-known supplements you need to know
•Cutting-edge Homeopathic cancer treatments
•Little-known cancer treatment options

Don't wait until cancer strikes, become proactive in your healthcare NOW!


  • Cynthia D.
    14 Sep 2020

    As I continue to follow my conventional cancer treatment, this book has helped me to understand the importance of diet and other ways to support my immune system.

  • E. Higgins
    14 Sep 2020

    I was treated for stomach cancer years ago and have never been well since. This book helped me to understand how to move forward and continue to improve. I am now regaining strength and stamina in ways I thought I could not.

  • C. G. Devon
    14 Sep 2020

    I have been looking for concise, researched, proven methods of treating cancer beyond chemo and radiation. This book is packed with information about treatments from around the world from reputable clinics. Thank you for sharing this great info.