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Joint Venture Proposals


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One of the smartest and most lucrative paths to making money is to partner with someone who is either already highly successful or has the ability and potential to become highly successful.

Of course, in order to become their partner in any business venture, you yourself need to bring something extremely valuable to the table.

In most instances, that would equate to one or more of the following:

·a brand new and unique killer product

·a mailing list comprised of thousands of laser-targeted prospects

·the ability to market and promote something on a high-volume scale

Establishing the possibility of a joint venture can originate from one of two ways…

You don‘t have all the ingredients necessary to achieve financial gain. For example, you have a great product but no mailing list. Or you’ve developed a substantial list of subscribers but you need products to promote to them.

In that instance, you would have to actively seek out joint venture partners, business people who could satisfy the need or fill the gap that you have.

The other possibility is that you run across a potential partnership at random. It might be an individual who is highly recognized and regarded in your particular niche area, someone who has already achieved a great deal of financial success.

Or it could be a website that experiences an incredibly large volume of traffic, countless viewers who would be interested in a product that you want to promote.

·When considering any joint venture, you need to be prepared to bring something of substantial value to the bargaining table.

·Websites and ezines are the two primary possibilities you’ll be considering for any joint ventures.

·Always sign up for any newsletter you feel would be a valuable and lucrative vehicle for a joint venture.

·In locating viable websites, you need to first compile a list of keywords that are related to your product or niche market.

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