Goal Winning In Christ For Life

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Goal Winning In Christ For Life


Don't dream about what your life could be. Use these unique and empowering goal setting tools to realize your dreams.


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If you're a Christian and you've found yourself wondering why you haven’t reached the success in Christ and in life that you imagined for yourself, the problem just might be because you keep putting off goals you need to accomplish.  

Goal Winning In Life Through Christ  takes the reader on a journey of learning how to put God first in their lives to receive the empowerment, success and victory that seems to allude most Christians in their times of need.

If this describes you, you'll learn why God's best alludes you and how you can become an empowered part of God's Kingdom to receive your blessings and most important to become a blessing.   This short guide will quickly teach you how to make time for God and use those same tools to accomplish all your personal goals.