Doing Business God's Way

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Doing Business God's Way


Learn How To Do Business God's Way While You Deepen Your Relationship With God. See below for a substantial discount coupon.


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Learn to see God as your "Business Coach" leading you into victory through promotions, raises, business creativity and opportunities for His plans and purposes for your life to be realized.  Once you understand how valuable your life and life's work are to God, you'll  understand that He needs you to prosper in your business or career, not just for personal enjoyment, but to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.   

   Your business success glorifys God so it's vital that you never hold back in fear that it's wrong to prosper!  However, it's important to keep God at the center of your life and work to keep you focused on Jesus over those things which will take you away from God rather than toward Him.  This is why the study is not a worldly prosperity message, but God's truth based upon the living Word of God. 

   Doing Business God's Way breaks down God's Word into the daily activities of doing business in a way that makes it easy to understand and impliment.  If you're already acting upon God's Word for integrity in business but you're not experiencing the kind of success that brings financial and business growth, then this study will guide you into utiilizing faith principles over your business and money to give you the financial break-through you've been waiting to achieve.   Use this coupon code for 50% off:  50-PERCENT

  • J.M.
    02 Jan 2024

    This book is a classic that offers invaluable information for the workplace, business or ministry.

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