Clear & Concise Legal Writing

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Clear & Concise Legal Writing


92-page eBook!- Improve the Clarity and Impact of your Legal Writing. Goals of this eBook are to take Paralegal Writing to the next level by creating clear and error-free communications.


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Immediately start improving your Legal Writing

  • Efficiency:  save over 60% off your legal writing time
  • Effectiveness:  reliably persuade readers
  • Rapport:  use legal writing to build trust and confidence
  • Respect:  reduce top three shortcomings in legal writing 
  • Write clearly what you mean to say
  • Meet readers' epectations for contemporary look and and style
  • Manage efficiently the writing process (planning/ drafting/ editing/ proofreading)
  • Choose appropriate tone and keep it consistent
  • Create stronger introductions and conclusions
  • Edit for clarity and concision
  • Recognize your own shortcomings and errors more readily