Stop Worry And Take Charge Of Your Thoughts

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Stop Worry And Take Charge Of Your Thoughts


If you’ve experienced worry, then you know how debilitating it can be and how much it demands of you on all levels. The fact that worry exists means there is a calm available also. You will learn 53 ways to embrace that calm daily with this book.


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Getting a handle on your worry is important because worry robs you of the joy of life. And the present moment is the only moment where you are guaranteed peace. From that peace, better decisions can be made concerning what to focus on and what meanings should apply to certain situations.

Those feelings can and will keep you up late at night. Not to mention the sheer mental energy needed to entertain worry saps your mental focus. Cognitive abilities are stretched to the maximum repeatedly and mental dexterity is lost over time. Meaning, challenging or invigorating endeavors no long hold fascination because the mental capacity needed isn’t up to par anymore. The less mental activity the best.

Your physical body doesn’t far well against worry either. Placing your body in a state of fight or flight for everyday common experiences is sadly the norm. The mind was awesome for protecting us during the primitive age, but threats of being eaten by wild animals have now been transformed into angry upset customers and disgruntled employees.

When you learn how to manage your worry, things change on every level. Your physical health improves because you not long running your engine full throttle 24/7. Deep therapeutic sleep is achieved so the body can continue to keep you functioning at peak performance. Your mental capacity is restored, and mental fatigue is a thing of the past. Your overall level of joy increases because you have found a way to transform worry into calm. You understand what it is, how it works and how to stop it from running your life. Life is so very good now.

This is what you will discover in this book.

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