Stop Worry – An Action Plan To Transform Worry

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Stop Worry – An Action Plan To Transform Worry


This book is not meant to diagnose your worry. It is here to help you gain control of the overwhelming thoughts that are leading you to worry.


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Hi. I’m happy you’ve decided to be with me on your journey to turning worry into calm.

This work book with help do just that. It’s designed to be used with the ebook, so If you’ve read the ebook then you know the many steps to transforming worry into calm.

With this workbook, we will help you get clarity and map out a plan to integrate calm into your life using the 53 steps.

By the end of this workbook you will:

  • Know which mental and physical adverse effects of worry you are currently managing and which step to take to transform them.
  • Recognize and interrupt the patterns of worry you create
  • Use a 4 week plan to move you from worry to calm
  • And start a support system to help you in the future

NOTE: Make multiple copies of the worksheets for future use with any other worry effect you’d like to overcome in the future.

If you are ready, let’s get started.

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