Who Said Sixty Can't Be Sexy? Who Said Sixty Can't Be Sexy?
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Who Said Sixty Can't Be Sexy?


This is a fantastic book that sheds light into aging gracefully and maintaining your sense of sexiness.


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There are so many books on self-help, self development, self-confidence, and about every other kind of self book out there these days. That's why "Who Said Sixty Can't Be Sexy" is such a stand out. It doesn't try to fix anything. Rather it is a no-nonsense look at the reality of reaching your sixties and understanding that it does not mean sexiness is no longer a part of your life. But where this book really differs and shines is in is direct apporach to certain subjects that often go unspoken about. 

“Who Said Sixty Can’t Be Sexy” is a wonderful book. It's frank discussion not only leaves you knowing that sexy is a mindset, but lets you confidently stride forward knowing your best days are out in front of you.  As you begin to read "Who Said Sixty Can’t Be Sexy" you will begin to get that excited feeling again. You will discover that you are not the only one asking questions about your sexuality as you enter your mature years. In fact, the more you read the more you forget about any feelings of... well…insecurity . Let’s face it. You already know you are still sexy. But this book may really help you come into your own not only mentally, but physically. It may sound strange but after reading this book you will literally notice yourself attracting more attention. 

 This book will show you show you the following:

  • Not everyone ages the same. But there are many common experiences we share.
  • We all have some of the same misperceptions. But they need not make us feel isolated.
  • There are many simple truths that we should be aware of.
  • There are lots of easy remedies for some of the things we find most troubling about our sex lives as we continue aging.
  • You are just as amazing today as you ever were. You just may shine differently in different ways.

Some of it's more direct conversations include:

  • It's Your Body
  • Learning to Love Yourself
  • The LIttle Blue Pill
  • Loss of Libido
  • A Crash Course For the Beginning Love Goddess
  • Dealing With Cancer

 Envision yourself radiant, glowing, and feeling like your younger self. Because in the end, you are that same younger self…..just a little bit older.

This book is also for a mature audience as it does explore some mature topics in a direct no-nonsense approach. 



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  • Melinda
    24 Aug 2020

    I would have rated this book a perfect 5, but it has a few editing flaws. But with that said, the content is great. It's not that it taught me things I didn't know, but it really gave me the sense of self I was really needing to recapture.

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