Shooting Stars Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars


Half instructional book and half a conceptual career building manuscript for the photgraphy industry.


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This book is half instructional book and half a conceptual career building manuscript on how to pursue a 30+ year career in photography, become a veteran award winning photographer, get paid to travel around the world several times over, meet and photograph every personality that you wish as well as every major event you could ever hope to experience and make content creation thru photography your life’s work.

As a news photographer Serota has covered everything from Natural disasters and the Presidential Elections to the Academy Awards and the MTV Music Awards.

He has most recently been contributing images to Corbis, the Associated Press and Getty Images in mostly the Sporting and Entertainment world.

Marc is also the Pictorial Biographer of over a dozen coffee table books with Hall of Fame athletes and celebrities like Dan Marino, Brett Favre, Troy Aikman, John Elway and Dwyane Wade and entertainment books on superstars like Brittney Spears and K.C. and the Sunshine Band.

Serota’s Portrait work appears in galleries and museums such as the Polaroid Museum in Las Vegas. He currently accepts assignments’ from publications such as the New York Times, Sports Illustrated and The Washington Post

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