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This is a book discussing what it's like to be a Black male living in the United States of America and dealing with the intricacies of everyday racism.


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Are you Black?
Do you know any Black people?
Do you work with Black people?
Did you attend a Predominately White college or university?
Do you comment on Black issues, people, or problems in the Black community?
Do you have Black friends (yes, plural having one does not count)?
Are you bothered by my continued use of the word “Black”?
Are you questioning why I capitalize the word “Black”, but never question why the word “White” is capitalized when talking about race?
Have you discussed Black Lives Matter, student activism, police brutality or Black on Black crime in the past year (without discussing white on white or Asian on Asian crime)?
Are you afraid to be seen with this book in public?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is a must read.
Bryant uses this second installment to continue to critically examine and explain the problems associated with the systems of white supremacy, white privilege and the Prison Industrial Complex. He also provides insight on how the lack of diversity and inclusion efforts at predominately white institutions of higher learning and within the work force negatively and disproportionately impact Black people.

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