How to Make Better Content on Youtube How to Make Better Content on Youtube

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How to Make Better Content on Youtube


One of the great benefits of social media is how it empowers us to create and share video content. This represents an opportunity for business owners if they are ready to learn and adopt these new technologies.


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Video is one of the most efficient communication forms on social media, and platforms like YouTube empower you to create, edit, and distribute your content. With a Google account, creating a YouTube channel is an easy step towards making video part of your business communication.

What kind of content can you find on YouTube?

  • YouTube makes it so easy for content creators to share their content with a large audience. And as a result, there’s a wide range of content to choose from. So whether it’s endless beauty tutorials, product reviews, gaming channels, or hours of unboxing videos — YouTube has it all.
  • Video marketing is big business. YouTube likely generates more than $16 billion (and perhaps as much as $25 billion) in annual revenue, according to Daisuke Wakabayashi in The New York Times. In other words, if it were a stand-alone company and not owned by Google (which is why the revenue reporting is so vague), YouTube would be a Fortune 250 company somewhere between D.R. Horton and Starbucks.

    But being successful on YouTube doesn’t just require video and audio (and ad buying) skills. Whip out that copywriting pen. Because what you say in the headline and description can affect how likely your video is to get found, as well as how likely people are to take a next step with your company. In other words, your writing doesn’t have to simply please an algorithm, it must help a person as well.


     There’s an art to great content, and like any artist, you have to learn how to master your palette before you can paint like Van Gogh. 

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