Laudiaann Sylvest

Laudiaann Sylvest

About Laudiaann Sylvest

Laudiaann Sylvest is a successful entrepreneur online marketer with over 10 years experience in the digital industry since 2008. She was born in 1961 from the island of Maui, Hawaii. At the age of 9 years old she moved to Seal beach, California. She is a mother of 6 grown children and currently she has a passion with Crocheting, creating E-books and making Videos online. "I Love spending time on the internet making money online".

Laudiaann is well known as Coach Laudiaann as a Youtube Influencer. She is featured on her Youtube Channels as Mindset Coach Laudiaann Sylvest, Deezas Crochet and Laudi Music. She also has an Etsy Shop called Deezas Dainty Crafts where she sell all her digital Crochet patterns and other Crochet items. Laudiaann does many Craft Shows in her local area what she enjoys currently.

Laudiaann is also a Musician she entertains music for the elderly with her Flute Therapy Music. She is a Singer, Songwriter and have recorded her own Christian CD Album United Love in 2005. She plays her instruments the flute, picolo, keyboard, sax, suprano sax, violin, and ukelele.

She states...

" My World is to make people happy with my music and make a difference in their world to help people make money online in becoming successful".