Anti-Inflammatory Diet
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Anti-Inflammatory Diet


Regardless of the cause of the chronic pain, it’s clear that the symptoms affect all aspects of the individual’s life. Find out how your diet can help....


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Inflammation is a big part of the experience of chronic pain. Inflammation involves an over- activity of the body’s immune cells that are supposed to protect us from pathogenic viruses and bacteria. In some conditions, however, such as certain types of arthritis, the body’s own immune system triggers inflammation when there are no foreign agents to fight against. When this happens, we get autoimmune diseases, which result in damage to the body’s own tissues.

Common symptoms of inflammation in the body include the following:

    •   Areas of redness

    •   Areas of swelling, particularly around a joint

    •   Pain in the affected area

    •   Stiffness of muscles and/or joints

  Loss of function of the affected area.

Inflammation is usually caused by chemicals being released from the white blood cells of the body into the bloodstream or related tissues. The chemical release causes an increase in the flow of blood to the area of infection or injury, leading to an increase in warmth and redness. The chemicals also cause fluid to leak into the tissues so that swelling occurs. Pain fibers are stimulated so you experience pain.