Long Live The Masked Robber

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Long Live The Masked Robber


The Masked Robber, clad in a black robe and a mask over his face, on the back of a black stallion, with a sword in his hand, a razor-sharp rapier in the sheath of his satchel, and with his two pistols, he is prepared to face any danger.


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Escape into a world of adventure and intrigue in colonial South Africa with Gerrie Radlof’s thrilling saga, “Long Live The Masked Robber.” This epic tale whisks readers back to the Cape Colony of the 1800s, where a mysterious, masked vigilante known only as the Masked Robber fights for justice against corrupt officials and greedy landowners.

In this second installment, the Masked Robber has mysteriously disappeared after being presumed dead. But when injustice once again threatens the local farmers over slave emancipation, the gallant night rider shockingly reappears to support the oppressed. With his black stallion, two pistols, and sword at his side, the Masked Robber embarks on daring missions under the cover of darkness to stand up for the exploited. But his secret identity remains hidden to all except his close friends, who know him as the wealthy nobleman Count Jean de Moreaux.

Jean’s heart also secretly belongs to the beautiful Willa Rossouw, though their love seems doomed by his vigilante activities. Meanwhile, tensions escalate between the farmers and officials, led by the cruel Captain Otto Mehrens. Mehrens will stop at nothing to destroy the Masked Robber and his righteous rebellion. After a young farmer, Jasper Boonzaaier, is captured and sentenced to death, the Masked Robber boldly storms the Castle to rescue him. But Mehrens and his cohort, Percival Phillip, soon weave a deadly trap to expose the Masked Robber’s true identity. When Phillip deduces that Count de Moreaux is the Masked Robber, he kidnaps Willa to force the Count’s hand. Torn between saving his love and protecting his secret, Jean races against time to thwart Phillip’s evil scheme. But a shocking turn of events leads to an unexpected savior coming to Jean’s aid. It is his long-lost friend Jacques, once the lieutenant of the Masked Robber’s gang. With Jacques’ help, Jean embarks on another thrilling mission to uphold justice and secure his future with Willa.

Brimming with adventure, drama, romance, and colorful characters, “Long Live the Masked Robber” is a sweeping saga that brings colonial South Africa to vivid life. Thus, experience the thrill of midnight escapes, cunning disguises, and breathtaking sword and pistol fights. Follow the Masked Robber through the Castle’s dungeons and over rooftops under moonlight. Journey across the wild landscape and colonial towns. Feel the pounding of hooves and the rush of pistols fired from horseback. Immerse yourself fully into this sweeping saga of romance, mystery, and adventure. Let Long Live the Masked Robber transport you to 19th-century South Africa for a legendary quest against tyranny. If you crave action, intrigue, and justice, then this Masked Robber’s story is just for your reading pleasure to experience the ride of your life under the starry African skies!


  • Pieter Haasbroek
    23 Dec 2023

    If you are looking for superb action, adventure, drama, romance, suspense, and many more, that plays off in the old Cape Colony during the nineteenth century in South Africa, then this e-book is a must-read. The Masked Robber and his gang on horseback, and armed with swords, rapiers and pistols, go out of their way to ensure that justice always prevails at the end of the day. This book will satisfy nearly every reader's taste and therefore not disappoint. It is a book that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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