Bait for the Masked Robber

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Bait for the Masked Robber


The Masked Robber, clad in a black robe and a mask over his face, on the back of a black stallion, with a sword in his hand, a razor-sharp rapier in the sheath of his satchel, and with his two pistols, he is prepared to face any danger.


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Mystery and adventure await in this thrilling fourth installment of The Masked Robber series. Set in nineteenth century Cape Colony, South Africa, the story follows the exploits of the enigmatic Masked Robber as he battles injustice and comes face-to-face with his greatest foe yet.

When Princess Carla von Starrenberg arrives in the Cape searching for her long-lost brother, the rightful heir to the throne of Lutzburg, she quickly becomes entangled in a web of intrigue and danger. Her carriage is attacked under cover of darkness by a band of villains, but she is miraculously rescued by the legendary Masked Robber, a mysterious figure who strikes fear into the hearts of evildoers. The Masked Robber learns that Carla’s enemies are part of a conspiracy led by the cunning Arnoldt Te Kruyght to prevent her from finding her brother and restoring him to the throne. Te Kruyght and his sinister henchman, Michael Leeuwberglanz, will stop at nothing to maintain their grip of power in Lutzburg.

A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues as the Masked Robber races to stay one step ahead of Te Kruyght and uncover the location of the hidden prince. Following a trail of clues, the Masked Robber encounters treachery and deception at every turn. Even his identity is at risk of being exposed to his foes. But Te Kruyght is equally cunning, luring princess Carla into a devious trap with a false message from her brother. The Masked Robber must uncover the ruse and rescue Carla before she falls prey to Te Kruyght’s evil schemes. A harrowing showdown on a hijacked ship ensues, swords clash in the dead of night, and the Masked Robber must test his mettle against his mortal foe.

Will justice prevail over evil? Can the Masked Robber complete his mission and restore the rightful king to the throne of Lutzburg? Tension mounts as this thrilling tale races toward its stunning conclusion. With its breakneck pace, twisting plot, memorable characters, and vivid historical setting, “Bait for the Masked Robber” will leave readers on the edge of their seats. Adventure lovers and fans of classic action-packed storytelling won’t want to miss this sweeping tale of bravery, romance, and redemption. Let the adventures of the Masked Robber sweep you away to another world, set in colonial Cape during the early 1800s.


  • Pieter Haasbroek
    01 Nov 2022

    Gerrie Radlof has outdone himself in this fourth installment of the Masked Robber series. The tension, action and drama never stops and keeps you locked in the story with all its nail-biting action. A must-read story that plays off in the old Cape Dutch Colony of South Africa.

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