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Hard Breath. Easy Self Protection Method


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For centuries breathing exercises or internal breathing has been practised in the Far-East and martial arts schools where its practitioners experienced the power of their own energy by performing simple breathing exercises. Unlike other fitness systems that set fixed regimes, deep breathing exercises allows for your individuality. You can progress at your own pace and create your own daily programme. Like all good exercise systems regular practice is essential. If you practice the exercises as part of your daily routine you will continue to develop your internal power over a whole lifetime. Deep breathing helps build internal stamina and strengthens your immunity it’s suitable for all ages and ten minutes is all you need.

This book also lays out an easy to understand format, highlights the most important points and concepts to teach you how to properly avoid or defend yourself against an attack in the shortest possible time. Also, the methods of self-protection explained in this book have been selected for the man or women who require quick knowledge of the best and easiest means of protecting himself/herself against an attack. It explains a number of unpleasant forms of defence but justified and necessary if you need to protect yourself against an aggressor. If you find yourself facing a dangerous and potentially life threatening situation, you need tough uncompromising, effective measures that really work under extreme conditions.