Dogs Can't Wrestle
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Dogs Can't Wrestle


Personnel Street Survival Tactics How to Deal With A Vicious Dog Attack All Dogs Can Attack Anytime Anywhere


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How To Protect Yourself Against A Violent And Vicious Dog Attack

A headline in one national newspaper said: “Eye witnesses heard screaming and frantic cries for help as the animal clamps its jaws into the police officers leg, before it turned on the others present”. If a dog attacks, your response must be decisive and emotionless. Otherwise, it could make the difference between walking even crawling away unharmed or being injured or worse by the attacking animal. In the following pages of this short guide I’ll be informing you on ways to protect yourself and staying safe whether you’re out and about or travelling or working in a foreign land. 

  • Avril.G
    19 Mar 2020

    Wow! At least now I have some idea what to do if the the worst should happen. Interesting read.