Bottom-Up beats Top-Down

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Bottom-Up beats Top-Down


This book is a primer for the implementation of Bottom-Up performance management & remuneration systems, written by an authority in this specialist niche.


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As a serious business leader, you need to know why Bottom-Up is the most powerful management system on the planet that no-one has heard of. Productivity has flat-lined for a decade. Wages growth might as well be considered extinct. These are symptoms of a dying system. Hierarchical top-down command and control management systems are dying. Future growth in business performance, in innovation and productivity will derive from heterarchy - Bottom-Up.

You need answers.

  • How is business performance radically improved when Bottom-Up eliminates targeting entirely?
  • Why does the Bottom-Up system cut the umbilical cord between the budget and performance management?
  • Why are 'break-even' and 'devolved cost accountability' the new touch-stones of performance management?
  • Why are traditional 'job valuation' remuneration methodologies a toxic performance killer?
  • How does the Bottom-Up system drive growth organically on automatic?
  • Why is it that Bottom-Up business organizations will set new standards for financial performance heretofore?
  • And why must your business be ahead of this innovation curve and not behind it?

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