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How to sell your boat by understanding boat buyer psychology


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During the author's peripatetic career he briefly managed a busy Sydney Yacht Brokerage. During this time he observed a curious pattern in buyer behaviour. How is it he wondered, that the majority of boat buyers have no business ever being such? The buying trigger he concluded is the key to vendor empowerment; and it is buyer emotion! Master buyer emotion and no market no matter how bad, is EVER a buyers market. You will sell your boat where other boat vendors fail and you will do so for a fair price where others are screwed! This book teaches you how.

  • Garrick Findley
    01 Aug 2019

    “Over-Boated?” is a ‘how-to’ guide for boat vendors, written with levity and humor by one who deeply understands the subject. As a many time DIY boat vendor, my frustration in the past has always been: why does it always seem to be a buyer’s market just when I want to sell my boat? But never again will I worry about that!” Garrick Findley- SV Finesse Cooktown, Queensland

  • Alexandra Mateer
    01 Aug 2019

    “After reflecting on the information in Over-boated, it was apparent that we had done the exact opposite of just about every principle in the book. Consequently our cruising yacht had been on the market for about 8 years. Anyway, after us both reading the book, we did some soul searching and got seriously to work following your recommended sequence step by step. We had our cruising short story written and photos prepared and forwarded to a friend who was doing our website. We hadn't yet placed an advertisement and the web site hadn't even been completed. Yet eerily enough and out of the blue, we got three calls within a month, and, long story short, ended up selling the boat in March! Alexandra Mateer - NSW

  • Martin Lloyd
    01 Aug 2019

    "Over-boated" is about much more than selling a boat - it's better described as a blue-print for succeeding in selling anything for true value in market conditions that on the face of it appear to be impossibly adverse. Martin Lloyd UK

  • David Tait
    01 Aug 2019

    “After six years cruising from Canada to Cuba and Central America we’re returning to Australia in November 2015 and have consequently placed “SV Bluefin” with an US yacht broker. We’ve also given the broker extracts from ‘Over-boated”, because your book powerfully resonated with us on the matter of buyer emotion, boat presentation and advertising. Unfortunately we don’t have the time to stay in the US and sell Bluefin ourselves. Will our US broker adopt the methods in Over-boated? We certainly hope so. Thanks again for a great read”. David & Julie Tait - Charleston, South Carolina (ex-Melbourne)

  • Kristal Berry
    01 Aug 2019

    "Over-boated? is insightful on the art and science of selling a boat. Jolly entertaining and beautifully crafted, it transforms a difficult emotional subject into a first class read." Kristal Berry –SV Lucy Port Huon Tasmania (wooden boat aficionado)

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