Michael Smith, ESM

Michael Smith, ESM

About Michael Smith, ESM

I am 80 years young and just lost my 2nd Love, Susan, to the BEAST, Ovarian CANCER after 22 years, in 2020. The Love of My Life, Marieann (Sugar), passed away from advanced Breast Cancer in 1999. 

I have been retired for 15 years and I had to have something to keep me busy after the loss of my 2nd Love. I had retired from the E-Publishing business after 6 years to spend time with My Susan.

I had been a network (www) marketer and author before my retirement and had authored several E-Books on marketing, web design, hosting, and was in a joint venture with Gail Hornback. We ran 6 websites and 5 Ezines.  Gail found her dream and went to be with her new husband.  She was like a daughter to me. I retired a year later.

Prior to the internet business, I spent 25 + years in direct marketing and was a high-level salesperson and manager for some very large companies. I also wrote fishin' articles for a couple of newspapers and had a radio show about fishin', and 2 E-Books that were personal. "My Guardian Angel" and "A Fisherman's Christmas Eve". Now I am going back to writing and helping folks get ahead on the Web.

I live, and have lived by the philosophy "That You Get in Exact proportion to What You Give". I am going to have some inexpensive E-Books available that I am rewriting from 20 years ago. These E-Books are very motivational and very personal. You are going to love them and may shed a tear or two. Anyway please keep in touch and let me help you. You will be glad you did!