Michael O'Connell

Michael O'Connell

About Michael O'Connell

After a long successful career at the top levels of corporate America, followed by a second career upgrading revenue recovery efforts and processes from convicted defendants for a California law enforcement agency, Michael O'Connell,  restless with retirement, became a licensed private investigator, founding X Probe Agency, aiding crime victims recover their court ordered restitution. He is a recognized subject matter expert on California Restitution.

During his prior careers, he continued to apply his computor skills, and created many written works, programs and processes while creating custom software for use by tele -computor customers and by law enforcement agencies and by California courts.

During his long and successful careers, Michael has always written on a wide variety of subjects. Many of his works cut through the mysteries of how to do complex and uncovered tasks, and processes or programs. As a result of his research and discovery, he has chosen to share what he learned by writing e-books, both for his own convenience of creating the e-book, and enabling the public to have access to the learned content at a reasonable cost. Some of these E-Books are offered for free. Look at the latest free E-Books by visiting http://EMCpub.BIZ

Michael O'Connell has founded EMCpub.BIZ, producing focused electronic publishing of e-Books and digital videos. After long research into different publishing platforms, he has selected Scribble, as it offered the most robust ability to perform all the needed functions of e-Book marketing.