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The Manual of Intercession


The Manual of Intercession (Volume One) provides a practical view and understanding of the calling and ministry of intercession; the disposition and efficacy of the intercessor at the altar of intercession.


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The Manual of Intercession (Volume One) is one book you need if you must have a sure footing in the calling, school and ministry of intercession in a practical way. It is not enough to have the gift and calling of intercession upon your life. You must “study to show yourself approved unto God” (2 Tim. 2:15) and “make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things ye shall never fail.” ( 2 Peter 1:10).
A lot of genuinely called intercessors have been “maimed and wounded” in spiritual battles and have also destroyed good relationships and lost good people sent into their lives because of lack of knowledge of how to use this wonderful gift of intercession upon their lives. As you go through this Manual, Holy Spirit, the Lord of Intercession, shall impart you with more graces for practical intercession and uplift your spirit man to a higher level of intercessory grace and authority.

Thanks for having this Manual in your possession and as you treasure what the Holy Spirit has downloaded into this book, you shall tread on the blessed paths of the great intercessors of old acknowledged by the Lord Himself. Shalom!

  • James Ade
    16 Dec 2020

    The long-awaited global manual of intercession is here finally with great insight into the calling, ministry and mystery of intercession. This book is a necessary companion for every intercessor worth his or her calling. Thanks, Bishop Theophilus Ajose for your obedience to the Lord.

  • Timeless Boks
    16 Dec 2020

    Every praying Christian must have The Manual of Intercession as a true manual at all levels of intercession strategies, training and art of intercession. The 80% discount option is a great plus for this Christian season.

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