Book 1. Personal Protection Guide Book 1. Personal Protection Guide
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Book 1. Personal Protection Guide


Book 1. Learn about technical and situational awareness and how they will help you combat the everyday threats and risks to you and your family. But what are the threats and the risks? Find out...


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This book is packed full of advice and information for your personal protection.

 Are you a victim of crime? Or, perhaps you worry that you are at risk? Secret Agent Skills – Personal Protection Guide is essential reading for you, your family and friends; equipping you with tips, methods and strategies to avoid becoming a crime statistic.

 Brought to you by Chris Bowker, former UK soldier, member of the Special Air Service (SAS), security consultant and commercial security manager – the Secret Agent Skills guide will teach you how to:

  • Protect your personal belongings, identity and security and minimise the risk of theft and loss
  • Blend into crowds or situations by dressing and accessorising with safety and security in mind
  • Observe everyday situations for threats and test your observation skills
  • Increase your situational awareness, recognise risk as well as attack and theft avoidance techniques
  • Use security aids, devices and self-defence weapons and classes for added protection
  • Call in the experts such as close protection teams, personal security detail and residential protection when and where you need them

 Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, the potential for crime is always there. Arm yourself with the same tips, methods and know-how used by elite secret agents to reduce and prevent the likelihood of falling victim to crimes. And, should the worse happen, be in the best position to ensure your personal data and valuables are protected, identifiable and useless to perpetrators.

 In this hands-on book you are going to get streetwise and carry out self-assessments for various types of everyday situations that you can find yourself in. This includes shopping, using an ATM, walking, driving, flying and more.

 By the end of this book you will have increased your situation awareness, knowledge and confidence in your own personal safety & security, which can easily be extended to all the family!

 Complimentary with this book are an Excel file set of very detailed checklists and prompts for consolidating key information in the event of a loss or theft of personal items. Plus, who to contact and a reminder of the various details you will need to know in the event of a loss. You also have a checklist on how to recognize and respond to various situations using a traffic lights system.

Page 3 in the book tells you how to get your complimentary checklists. 

 Fight back the smart way against crime with the Secret Agent Skills series.

SPECIAL BONUS: You’ll get FREE periodic supplementary updates to keep the information inside this book up to date.

This book is also available in paperback from Amazon ISBN 978-0-6489973-3-7 and it's also available on Kindle.  



  • Gary Oliver
    20 Jul 2020

    Chris brings years of operational knowledge as a former Special Forces operative often in austere environments where any mistakes in situational awareness could have resulted in him being severely injured or killed.

  • Thomas Johnston MSyI
    21 Jul 2020

    Chris Bowker’s book is a must read if you care about the safety of yourself and your family.

  • Darren Parnaby
    22 Jul 2020

    We often think that ‘it won’t happen to us’, but as Chris explains in easiest of terms, being distracted is when we are most at risk.

  • Hani Sadah
    22 Jul 2020

    Chris Bowker's Secret Agent Skills is a delightful guide full of critical information for those of us who want to stay and keep our families safe and secured. Read this book to learn from one of the best.

  • Cassian Roberts
    22 Jul 2020

    At last, a simple, useful, clear and amusing ‘aid memoire’ for any traveler in today’s mad world.

  • Mike Cardy
    14 Jul 2020

    Chris Bowker has compiled a mass of pertinent material on today’s risks and the tools to deal with them.

  • Robert Palmer
    11 Jul 2020

    This book is invaluable for those wanting to enhance their security, and furthermore the security of their family! Chris Bowker’s book is engaging, informative and practical for an ever-changing uncertain society.

  • Richard Poile
    16 Jul 2020

    Want to improve your personal security and safety? Look no further than Chris Bowker's 'Secret Agent Skills' with its handy 'traffic-light' system of risk/threat awareness.

  • Jake
    20 Jul 2020

    As someone who has previously worked with Chris this has been a really good reminder of good practice and has prompted me to correct some bad habits that have crept in. Love the bit size chunks of wisdom! Thanks Chris.

  • Peter Kavanagh
    22 Jul 2020

    A very interesting read even with my 12 years military service my eyes were opened to some of the information given by Chris. A must read.

  • Michael J Twomey
    22 Jul 2020

    Secret Agent Skills is a fascinating read from Chris Bowker with handy tips to keep you and your loved ones safe.

    22 Jul 2020

    Vital topics highlighted through easy interacting dialogue, introduced personal security in simple unique ways.

  • Michael Moriarty
    24 Jul 2020

    It is full of practical advice that you can implement straight away - things that will immediately make you safer and your possessions more secure.

  • Billy Halliday
    21 Jul 2020

    To sum up an excellent read and the complete A-Z of security, easy to follow and very informative would recommend.

  • Stu B
    03 Jan 2021

    This book is full of great insights and tips you can immediately put into action. Chris's experience reveals that we're all vulnerable to exploitation. Making simple changes to your way of life will save you from potentially dangerous situations. There's something for everyone: - Phone protection - Awareness - Car security - Pepper sprays and deterrents - Self defence - and even bodyguards, if you can afford them. If you're a parent protecting your family, an influencer, or a billionaire, you'll find benefit from this book. For example, personally I added an App lock app to my phone, bought an RFID wallet and have changed what I do when I first enter my car, amongst other things.