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How to start and succeed with internet marketing, lead generation, blogging, social marketing, building your product launch structure, affiliate recruitment and the launch itself.


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I do not rely on get-rich-fast schemes, and neither should you.  I do believe in “systems” – logical groupings of tasks that produce “evergreen” results which develop and expand over time.  Risks are reduced and success possibilities are increased if you can get three or four of these systems set up because, once set up, they operate with minimal attention.  I also have come to the conclusion that digital product creation is critical because you create the product once but sell it many times (usually with the help of affiliate marketers who earn at least 50% commission).

 Affiliate marketing of someone else’s product is the place to start if you have limited assets because there is almost no overhead, no staff, no inventory, no warranty or support issues, and the product owner provides the advertising material and often also the suggested email wording.  What you do need to provide is the audience to market to – hence the need for a list.  As they say, the money is in the list.  If you are carefully using social media, you can slowly build a list quite economically, but this takes time. There are many vendors of leads but quality and price are often an issue.  All of these important issues are discussed. 

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