5 Secrets for Answered Prayers 5 Secrets for Answered Prayers

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5 Secrets for Answered Prayers


Uncover the 5 secrets Jesus taught for how to know for sure your prayers will get answered. Uncover in this Bible study the keys to praying as Jesus taught us how to pray. This is a single or group study of Matthew 6.


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Discover the Assurance That Your Prayers Will Get Answered.

Get ready to crack the code on the Lord’s Prayer!

How many times have you prayed, only to wonder if God even heard your prayers or worse yet, your heartfelt prayers never got answered? Have you ever felt like you just didn’t know how to pray, or understood the best way to say what was on your heart and mind?

Well, your prayers have been answered!

Uncover the proven formula that Jesus used when he taught his disciples how to pray. Enjoy a closer walk with God, when you learn how to implement these 5 easy Bible secrets for praying the Lord’s Prayer with confidence and clarity.

Feel a renewed sense of peace when you pray, because now you finally learned what Jesus meant when he taught his followers this famous prayer.

Stop feeling like your praying is a waste of time. Learn and use the secrets Jesus taught his followers in Mathew 6 about praying so you get answers.

In this individual or group Bible study, you will learn and practice the one key method of praying and the 5 key secrets Jesus taught so that we can feel closer to God and a deeper sense of knowing that God is hearing and answering our prayers.

Buy now and begin your journey to answered prayers every time you pray.

  • Rhodie Guy
    22 Jun 2021

    Beautifully laid out book easy to read and understand the meaning behind The Lords Prayer. Rev Bill McBride has done a fantastic job of explaining/teaching The Lords Prayer.

  • Pat Ringly
    22 Jun 2021

    For most us, The Lord's Prayer goes by so quickly that we barely have time to think about what we are saying. It just rolls out automatically. In this book, Reverend McBride has given us a full and fresh view of this Prayer. He has done this with humorous anecdotes that complement his insights as well as lots of supporting scripture. It's a great book for a devotional Bible study.

  • Lionel
    22 Jun 2021

    Reverend Bill McBride has fantastically conveyed the need to understand the simplicity of prayer by asking Jesus what we need and believing He will do the best thing for us.

  • Willie Lash
    22 Jun 2021

    Reverend McBride provides powerful insight into the meaning and power of "the disciple's prayer". The book is a very easy read and makes me see the Lord's Prayer in a completely different light.

  • E.S.S.
    22 Jun 2021

    A helpful and informative read about The Lords Prayer, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning to pray or strengthening their prayer life.

  • Althea Hillier
    22 Jun 2021

    Rev. McBride has very capably explained the very essence of the Lord's prayer. I especially like his summation at the end. This book does not only bring us face to face with how we should pray, but also how we should live with regard to submission to God's will and forgiveness.

  • Vicki Ponce
    22 Jun 2021

    Very helpful!