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Naturally, you can keep in touch with your mailing list members without a newsletter, but why pass up the opportunity to gain their respect and trust on a regular basis.

If you merely contact your list members on a random basis, you risk the possibility that they’ll forget who you are. Or even worse, what your product or business is all about.

If your features do happen to rely on current information - such as reviews of products that have just been released - you can create the majority of the issues ahead of time and then add the final touches just prior to publication.

Either way, it cuts down the amount of pressure you would feel if you had to write everything from scratch within the small time frame that exists from one newsletter issue to the next.

As far as the focus of your newsletter is concerned, only you can decide. Depending on what type of business you’re promoting and the customer audience you‘ll be reaching, you could base your content on tips and advice, in depth topic-related information, or simply a “joke of the week” concept.

You can publish in text, HTML, or online format. Or a combination of all three. But regardless of how or when you publish, you need to make certain you follow the most important success factor…

Above all else, your newsletter must provide interesting and valuable content.

If not, your readership and financial gain will be minimal, or worse, non-existent. If, on the other hand, you can secure the undivided attention of your subscribers, your newsletter (and subsequently your business) will be a resounding success.







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