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“Depression is the inability to construct a future”


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“Depression is the inability to construct a future”
Everyone experiences feelings of sadness, hopelessness and cranky at some time or another. And the experience of every person’s depression is different as there are a wide variety of symptoms associated with it. Many people feel down occasionally, or go through bad patches, but have areas in their lives that make them feel good and like things about themselves. For some people though, life is more of a struggle. They feel bad about themselves and their lives in most ways. At times they feel complete despair. If a person feels like this, then he or she may be depressed.
For all such people or their near-and-dear ones, facing the blues of depression we have created a unique, written by experienced professionals this book - “Goodbye Depression”. This guide is inclusive of detailed information (15 chapters in total) all containing the latest and up-to-date content related to the highly important and wide subject of Depression.
The World Health Organization has recently listed depression as the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide. It’s a global problem and one for which many possible solutions have been explored. Depression is prolonged and persistent mood which can color and interfere with many aspects of one’s life. It is characterized by feelings of worthlessness, excessive guilt, loneliness, sadness, hopelessness, self-doubt and guilt which interrupt in everyday activities of a persona. Suicidal thoughts may also be present in most of the severe depression cases.
The people suffering from this problem often end up losing their health, appetite, job, and sometimes even their life. They become disinterested in activities which were once of interest. Such people also withdraw themselves from their friends and family and cut down their social circle by isolating themselves from others.
Depression increases the risk of an early death by up to THREE TIMES: Mental health condition suppresses the immune system, putting people at risk of several illnesses. Thus, it is very important to recognize the symptoms of depression and treat it in time before it gets too late.
It is a severe disorder and one that can often go undetected in some people’s lives because it can creep up on you. Depression doesn’t need to strike all at once; it can be a gradual and nearly unnoticeable withdrawal from your active life and enjoyment of living.
So, check out our book and go through the various chapters to fight depression.
Win the battle of depression and emerge out victorious with this top-notch content!
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