Staying Motivated To Exercise
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Staying Motivated To Exercise

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Staying Motivated To Exercise When Its Cold Outside


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As the temperatures begin to fall, many people want to curl up on the couch to watch television or read a book. They don’t want to think about having to exercise, especially if that means having to go out into the cold. There are many ways to stay motivated to exercise when it’s cold outside. Keep reading to find the motivation you need.
If you enjoy walking, running, or bicycling as exercise, but don’t want to get outdoors when it’s 20 degrees, it’s understandable. You can find the motivation to exercise during the winter months even if you don’t want to go outside to do it. There are so many options from which to choose.

Why It's So Hard to Exercise

Perhaps you have set goals that are too big, or you chose the wrong type of exercise. Do you feel that you “must” exercise? These things may keep you from choosing to exercise during the winter months.
What type of exercise goals have you set for yourself? If you’re just starting to incorporate exercise into your daily life, start with small goals. Setting goals that are too lofty, in the short-term, will cause you to become frustrated and more likely to quit because it will be difficult to reach your goals. Starting with smaller goals will help you to achieve some success. Then increase your goals again to a larger goal than your previous one, but one that is still attainable.

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