Psychology Of Motivation!

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Psychology Of Motivation!


Are you ready to get motivated on command today?


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•It's easy to confuse our ultimate goals with our practical goals.
•You must have a crystal-clear idea of the outcomes and objectives you want for your life.
•You have to keep igniting your motivation and keep at it until it is self-sustainable.


What if I told you that you are capable of working on something in such a way that you are unstoppable? That's right. When you are enter a certain mental and emotional state, it seems like all you can do is to produce lots of your best stuff. It doesn’t matter what's going on around you.

It doesn't matter whether you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It doesn't matter whether people around you are freaking out. You are still able to produce a lot of stuff, take care of your best work and feel good about it. Sounds crazy?

Well, this is called your state of flow. The good news is everybody has one. It can take different forms. It definitely takes place at different times. It can to be triggered by many things. After all, we’re different people from different walks of life with our own distinct experiences. These differences do add up. Still, one of the things that we have in common is a state of flow.

This is where things are ridiculously easy. You produce a lot more and you are able to hit really high-quality standards. This is a time where you achieve peak performance. Everybody is capable of this.

The problem is, for most of us, we stumble upon our state of flow. It's kind of like walking by the road and then you hear some rumbling up ahead. It starts to rain and, all of a sudden, you get hit by lightning. Well, how often does that happen. Unfortunately, in the case of states of flow, it’s not often enough.

The key to triggering this state is motivation. A lot of people think that as long as they focus on their state of flow or they think about it or they kick around the idea in their head that it will overcome them somehow some way. It doesn't work that way. You're missing a key ingredient. You're missing motivation.

A lot of people would say, “Okay, I get it. I just need to be motivated so I’ll push myself to be motivated”. There's a big problem with this. Life’s pressures and stresses can overcome you. You know this. I know this. Everybody knows this.
Psychology of Motivation

Are you ready to get motivated on command today?

We surround ourselves with too much clutter, and I’m not just talking about clutter that you can see. I’m also talking about emotional and mental clutter. These are uncomfortable memories. These are regrets, problems that we dwell on. These can also involve our worries about the future.
Focus on Practical Goals

This book is not a feel-good book, okay? If you're looking to get pumped up, excited in broad generalized ways, this is not the book for you. Instead, this book is all about practical results. This book is intended to help you become a more effective human being.

We define effectiveness in a very limited way here. Again, this can be controversial because a lot of people would have very expansive and broad definitions of effectiveness that operate on different levels. There's nothing wrong with that and, in many cases, that is highly commendable.

However, as far as this book is concerned, we're going to focus on practicalities. Are you still with me? Good.

It's easy to confuse our ultimate goals with our practical goal. Our ultimate goals, of course, are specific big outcomes and objectives that we would like for ourselves. We would like to live a well-lived life.

Let me put it this way. If you knew that you were going to be put in a box tomorrow
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