Community College Choreography


Community College Choreography

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Balancing Work and School


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Community College Choreography

Are you planning about juggling work and school? Then, you are not alone!
With the continuous rising cost of living along with amplifying financial
pressures, most students find ways on how to earn income while studying.
Based on researches, this trend will continue as scarcities in the workplace
However, even if combining an education and work can be a tough
balancing act, professionals say that it always pays off in the long run. Just
make sure that you know how to balance your work and school.
When it comes to balancing work and school, most students find it
challenging. Instead of worrying about this issue, the best thing that you
can do is to finalize your schedule and know your priorities.
To guide you on what to do, simply read this eBook. This eBook provides a
brief reference on how to balance your work and school. Upon reading this
guide, expect that you can easily solve your major concern and able to finish
your study while having an ideal performance at work.

If you are planning to go to community college, you could be making an
ideal choice. Whether you opt to go to a university or just want your
associate’s degree, you may like what you find when you go to a community
To give you a hint about community college, you are free to read the
succeeding paragraphs as your reference.
What is a Community College?
A community college, also known as technical college, junior college or City
College, provides a level of accessibility when it comes to finances, time and
Furthermore, it has multiple features that are different from liberal art
colleges and universities and these include the following:
• A community college specializes in serving live-at-home and parttime
students. It is ideal for students who desire to improve their
educational level while balancing work and family.
• It is significantly less costly per credit hour than private or public
four-year schools. Tuition can be in the range of 1/3 that of a public
schools and 1/10 that of a private college.
• A community college is always open to admit students. It means that
anyone who has a high school diploma will be accepted and has a
chance to study.
• It does not provide four-year baccalaureate degree. A community
college has a two-year curriculum that often ceases with an associate’s
degree. In addition, short programs may also lead to specific
professional certifications. Most students prefer to shift from
community colleges to four-year colleges.
As a student, you have to know that community college is a college and it
needs pre-requisite skills best acquired in high school. Whereas community
colleges offer higher learning for all, they however have standards and rules
that every student must meet to move forward rationally.
Advantages of Attending a Community College
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