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The 51st Law


Inside Law 51: Intimacy takes the shape of all people...You will find the "69 Love Challenge". It's a new practical guide for couples to build real life relationships everyday. Just follow the laws and complete each love task and sign your names.


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69 Laws of Intimacy is a series of practical intimate laws designed as daily challenges for married couples to follow and practice at home. It's a friendly challenge ( 69 Days of Love Challenge ) between husband and wife to show and tell each other new things they have never shared with one another before. It motivates men and women to go further in becoming more intimate with each other and will increase the understanding and power of its purpose. It's strictly designed for adults ( 18 and older ) and is not for groups or individuals not seeking a relationship. 69 Laws is the New Authority on Intimacy and supports the laws on Love, Honor and Respect for all couples married and single. At the end of the 69 Day Love Challenge couples will receive a plaque called the "Decree of Intimacy" with their names signed and sealed as a lifetime commitment. In the name of Love, Honor and Respect, Welcome to the 69 Laws of Intimacy...
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Humans, Animals, Mammals, Insects and Birds of the air all have a form of Intimated “Processes” They PROCREATE in many different forms of life. When we look at tigers, bears, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, dolphins, penguins, bald eagles, owls, hawks, horses, ants, and all kinds of bugs...we see intimacy in action. It’s a Universal Truth and the greatest gift known to Mankind. The Gift of Life!
If animals can get it, so can we...lol You'll be surprised just how many people can't seem to get this right...smh Intimacy is one of the greatest gifts known to mankind. It doesn't matter how we feel about intimacy or not, it doesn't matter what you believe or where you are from...If you have breath, you can be intimate too...
 Definition: Creature (an animal or person).
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