The 41st Law
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The 41st Law


Inside Law 41: Intimacy embraces the power of love...You will find the "69 Love Challenge". It's a new practical guide for couples to build real life relationships everyday. Just follow the laws and complete each love task and sign your names.


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69 Laws of Intimacy is a series of practical intimate laws designed as daily challenges for married couples to follow and practice at home. It's a friendly challenge ( 69 Days of Love Challenge ) between husband and wife to show and tell each other new things they have never shared with one another before. It motivates men and women to go further in becoming more intimate with each other and will increase the understanding and power of its purpose. It's strictly designed for adults ( 18 and older ) and is not for groups or individuals not seeking a relationship. 69 Laws is the New Authority on Intimacy and supports the laws on Love, Honor and Respect for all couples married and single. At the end of the 69 Day Love Challenge couples will receive a plaque called the "Decree of Intimacy" with their names signed and sealed as a lifetime commitment. In the name of Love, Honor and Respect, Welcome to the 69 Laws of Intimacy...

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There’s not a day that goes by without someone embracing the Power of Love Everyday. This is a great thing to know Intimacy is always at work!

Love is all around us and the people we love most see us almost everyday. These are multiple chances to express our genuine love and appreciation for one another. Take up your love cross and walk, and make someone feel loved on today. It will change your lives for the better.

Because it's never too late to try to save a loved lost. Unless the person is somewhere beyond your reach. Take some time today and say those loving words that build your partner up, not down and you'll begin to see a newer energy take hold. Your job is to keep it going…

Not to love is to keep intimacy away from developing strong long lasting relationships. It holds back the truth of procreation and it creates a negative energy that will keep you separated from a well balanced and successful life. Learn to love more and Be More Intimate! and the changes will eventually reveal itself worthy of your love.

 Definition: Love ( an intense feeling of deep affection ).

Full Love Challenge comes with ebook purchase :

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