The 35th Law

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The 35th Law


Inside Law 35: Intimacy should never be wasted...You will find the "69 Love Challenge". It's a new practical guide for couples to build real life relationships everyday. Just follow the laws and complete each love task and sign your names.


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69 Laws of Intimacy is a series of practical intimate laws designed as daily challenges for married couples to follow and practice at home. It's a friendly challenge ( 69 Days of Love Challenge ) between husband and wife to show and tell each other new things they have never shared with one another before. It motivates men and women to go further in becoming more intimate with each other and will increase the understanding and power of its purpose. It's strictly designed for adults ( 18 and older ) and is not for groups or individuals not seeking a relationship. 69 Laws is the New Authority on Intimacy and supports the laws on Love, Honor and Respect for all couples married and single. At the end of the 69 Day Love Challenge couples will receive a plaque called the "Decree of Intimacy" with their names signed and seal as a lifetime commitment. In the name of Love, Honor and Respect, Welcome to the 69 Laws of Intimacy...
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Men have No Patience! And will throw away a great opportunity in a relationship over and over again. Thus destroying himself and everyone else in the process...even his ride or die girl. Eventually, when he slows down, he will notice how much “Emotional Trash” he has piled up over the years and the amount of waste is in his backyard” sort of speak. It takes a “patient and wise man” to stop wasting his time and life on “frivolous” relationships that go nowhere but in his “emotional waste can”.
For many years I have wasted so much time trying not to be intimate because I thought it was the manly thing to do. However, throughout the years I have grown up and become much wiser to understand that intimacy has absolutely nothing to do with being weak or less than. In fact, understanding the value of Intimacy is the key to building a successful family, friendship and business all under one roof...now to me that's why Intimacy should never be wasted...NOW THAT'S THE TRUTH!
Definition: Wasted (used or expended carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose ).
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