Cyber Security Mastery Plus 15 HD Video Training Course Cyber Security Mastery Plus 15 HD Video Training Course

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Cyber Security Mastery Plus 15 HD Video Training Course


A comprehensive Cyber Security Training Guide and also 15 HD Videos to complete the training. The training guide has nearly 100 pages of content. Get it now at a fantastic price before 50% price increase.


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Cyber Security Mastery Plus 15 HD Video Training Course
Google detected more than 2 million phishing sites in 2021!
The pace of cybersecurity growth is likely to continue in the upcoming years as industries invest heavily in security solutions to meet the ever-expanding range of threats and requirements.

We present you with a fantastic opportunity to get started with your cyber security efforts in protecting your company systems and information.
Cybercrimes are now an everyday concern for businesses. Cybersecurity statistics indicate a significant rise in data breaches and hacking, most of which involve workplace devices.

Many organizations have poor security practices, making them vulnerable to cyber threats. And this is exacerbated by the presence of a global pandemic.
Look at some cybersecurity industry statistics, so you’ll know the state of today’s cybersecurity and why you need to gear up your efforts to protect your systems:

* Losses from cybercrime damages are expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021 (Cybercrime Magazine, 2020).
* Cybercrimes cost the world nearly $600 billion each year, equivalent to 0.8% of the global GDP (Mordor Intelligence, 2020).
* Ransomware damage worldwide is expected to reach $21 billion by 2021 (Cybersecurity Ventures, 2021).
* The Cisco Cyber Security Reports show that 50 percent of large organizations with a workforce of more than 10,000 spend at least $1 million on security every year.
* The report also found that 43 percent spend between $250,000 and $999,999, while 7 percent spend less than $250,000.
The volume of cybersecurity data involving cybercrimes worldwide will continue to grow exponentially.
Cybercriminals will continue with their shadowy ways of coming up with novel and more sophisticated ways of attacking the vulnerabilities of digital systems, including typical business software applications.
Everyone should proactively always protect his or her information.
So, here we are with our Awesome course - Cyber Security Mastery.
This guide will educate you about the system and data security in the COVID era, the different types of hacking, phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, and tips to prevent them.

Further, it also educates on creating the perfect Cyber Security budget post-pandemic and how to deal with the increasing scope of threats and a lot more tips and tricks.
This guide is jampacked with intelligent information you can implement to help you improve your cyber security efforts against common threats allowing you to set up a robust protection system.
This course covers:
1. We will understand the concept of Cyber Security, its types, the common types of threats, their benefits and their importance in the current scenario.
2. Latest Cyber Security trends in the covid era every business should know.
3. A guide to hacking, types of hackers and hacks.
4. How hacking works, and what are the dangers of hacking and the problems it causes.
5. We share some tips to protect your smartphone from hacking.
6. What are the different types of malware, and how do you handle them?
7. What tips to follow to protect yourself from visiting unsafe websites?
8. What are Phishing and Ransomware attacks, and how to prevent them?
9. Tips to follow for creating the proper Cyber Security Budget in the covid era.
10. How should Companies adapt their new Security strategy post-pandemic?
11. Case Studies of business organizations following Cyber Security practices.
And so much more!
This is professionally researched and up-to-date content!
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Also inside this training guide are links to 15 HD Videos to complete the Cyber Security Training.All  Videos can be easily downloaded or watched  direct from your devise.

This is a complete collection of 15 High Definition videos with step by step content. Here is the breakdown:
* In Video #1:The Introduction video, you will get a detailed explanation of what will be included in the complete training to have a clear vision of what to expect from it.
* In Video #2: You will learn how to get started with Cybersecurity and all the basic knowledge about it.
* In Video #3:You will learn what cyber-attacks are, how many types of cyber attacks happen, and how to prevent them.
* In Video #4:You will find knowledge about what is hacking and how hackers work.
* In Video#5:You will find all information on types of hacking and how to avoid it.
* In Video#6: You will learn how to recognize different types of malware on your systems.
* In Video #7: You will find out how to detect a malware attack and prevent it and guard your systems against it.
* In Video#8: You will know how to identify crypto-jacking and recover from it.
* In Video #9: You will understand everything about phishing and tips to guard your systems from a phishing attack.
* In Video #10: You will findtips and tricks to guard yourself against visiting unsafe websites.
* In Video #11:You will learn the latest cybersecurity practices to prevent a data breach.
* In Video #12:You will find out the latest Cybersecurity tools in the market you should know to protect your systems.
* In Video #13:You will know what technical and soft skills are required as a Cybersecurity analyst in the organization.
* In Video#14:You will learn everything you need to know to create an ideal cybersecurity Budget post-pandemic.
* In Video #15:You will find out practices forcompanies to adapt their new Security strategy in the covid era.

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