Mermaid Colouring Book Mermaid Colouring Book

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Mermaid Colouring Book


Mermaid Colouring Book with 40 detailed colouring pages to complete. Also has 2 frames included inside book to increase picture presentation.


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Mermaid Colouring Book


Mermaid Colouring Book has 40 detailed picture images to colour.

Full page 8.5 x11in printed on white paper. Each single colouring image is in Black & White.

So easy to colour and stay within the lines. Helping to make your picture look professional.

Paperback cover displaying 2 Mermaid picture images completed. They are inserted into picture frames for maximum effect. These frames are also included inside this colouring book.

The Mermaid Colouring Book image are detailed, so this book would suit an adult who likes to colour as a hobby or relaxation techniques. However, a young adult or a child 8+ would also find this colouring book great entertainment.

After completion of the Colouring Images, placing the pictures into frames for display. Adds extra value to Mermaid Colouring Book. There is a black picture frame and the cover frame from the back cover of book has been broken down to individual squares. So, the person who colours the images can put in new colours. Making the colouring images unique into art.

Really hope you enjoy the Mermaid Colouring Book. I know it was fun putting the book together and hours of enjoyment colouring in the images for the Front & Back covers.

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Thank You for reading this Description.

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