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Plan Plant Enjoy Garden Journal


Plan your perfect garden with our Plan Plant Enjoy Garden Journal.With garden tips article and a 4 season garden journal.Quality gift idea.


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Plan Plant Enjoy Garden Journal

With 10 tips on starting to plan your

 garden space at the start of the journal.

Does not matter if you have a large

 plot or small indoor garden. Planting flowers or vegetables

Gardening as a hobby can be one of the most relaxing 

and rewarding way to spend your time.

As a hobby Gardening can be made  simple or professional

depending on your space and

Time you wish to allocate to the tasks needed.

Plan Plant Enjoy Garden Journal includes.

A 4-season colour coded journal style pack. Full Colour journal

Each season is broken down to months, weekly tasks.

All laid out for simple recording and then follow up.

A garden layout grid to help you design your perfect space.

Plus, plant record and pest trackers at end of journal.

A complete pack to get you going and give you the benefits of a flowering garden

Extra health benifits If you plant a vegetable garden,

 Along with your health wellbeing from gardening.

Don’t forget how every little garden space benefits mother nature.

Today it’s important to help provide feeding grounds for small creatures

With the many types of insects, likes Bees, Butterfly’s and others that are under pressure

Because of man’s urbanisation of natural habitat

Enjoy your time in the garden

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