The Triune Nature Of God

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The Triune Nature Of God


This "must have" Bible Study will give you the information you need to work with God for ministry, daily living, life purpose, business, career and general service to God.


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You won’t find this study anywhere else. It’s presented in a way that makes working with The Father, Son and Holy Spirit a real experience that can become yours for daily living, in ministry leadership and lay endeavors. Every Christian needs to follow God, but that’s not possible without an understanding of the Trinity.

  Don’t wait to follow God. The time will never come if you put it off! YOU NEED TO CENTER UPON GOD NOW! Waiting will only prolong your blessings, your success in life and your ability to share salvation with the lost. This short study is under 80 pages. You can read it in a day and become armed with the true nature of God through His operations! 

Margaret Lukasik
Author of “The Triune Nature Of God”

To learn more about this short Bible study that will change your relationship with God, click on the following link:  The Triune Nature Of God. m  https://victorythruchrist.org/trinity-bible-study.