Coaching to Attitudes (Guide + Digital Lessons)

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Coaching to Attitudes (Guide + Digital Lessons)

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This e-book will teach specific strategies of how to coach positive attitudes as well as successfully addressing negative attitudes.


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This e-book is coupled with two micro lessons that will provide you specific strategies and tactics for helping those people with negative attitudes to adopt positive attitudes. As we all know in the workplace everything starts with an attitude and ultimately an attitude is a choice. A coaches responsibilities to provide people with the choice of adopting a positive attitude on a day-to-day basis. One negative attitude can destroy the team environment and workplace culture; therefore, it's imperative we use the proper techniques and strategies to facilitate positive attitudes in the workplace.

This e-book will provide you specific instructions down to the exact questions, activities, and learning projects to facilitate positive attitudes. In addition we will provide you two micro lessons that provide further instruction and education on coaching specific to attitude development.