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Password Keeper


Goodbye brain fog! Store all your passwords, website info, in one compact place! Holds nearly 150 entries!


USD $3.99


Join us and ban sticky notes! Tired of losing track of website info? Now you can keep all important website info in one place! Simple, practical compact Logbook is perfect for your busy lives.

This time-saving password manager has several uses, first you can keep safe simple passwords - short in length as well as protecting passwords others can find – not on sticky notes on monitors, in a notepad by the computer, in a document on the computer, whiteboard reminders, smart device storage in clear text, etc.

If you want to use a really long password then this is the best tool for you to use. Print on your own colored paper that takes pen or pencil. Note: Keep these pages in a three ring binder in a secure place!

  • Brad Koss
    30 May 2019

    Definitely needed this; easy to use, print pages you only need! Thanks

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